Better FreeBSD compatibility

Sebastian Huber
Wed Apr 6 10:05:00 GMT 2016


in RTEMS we use the FreeBSD network stack and other components. I would 
like to make some Newlib headers (e.g. <sys/tyeps.h>, <sys/param.h> and 
<sys/time.h>) more compatible to FreeBSD so that we can use them 
directly. This involves changes like this:

Change internal type from x to y, e.g. _off_t to __off_t.

Change type define guard from x to y. e.g. __clockid_t_defined to 

Example Newlib:

#ifndef __clockid_t_defined
typedef _CLOCKID_T_ clockid_t;
#define __clockid_t_defined

Example FreeBSD:

typedef    __clockid_t    clockid_t;

These internal types and guards are used in various FreeBSD headers, so 
with such a change I could avoid to modify them. Would be these changes 
to Newlib be acceptable in general?

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