Buffer overrun in vfwscanf

Douglas Katzman dougk@google.com
Fri Mar 25 18:29:00 GMT 2016


There's an access before the beginning of an array at line 351 of
vfwscanf.c if the machine's wchar_t type is 4 bytes.  gcc seems not to
care about this, but clang finds it.

sizeof (fp->_ubuf) = 3, and it computes &fp->_ubuf[3 - 4] and then
assigns through that pointer, stomping on 1 byte of the preceding _ur
In general it looks like wide char support only works for 2 byte chars.

Also, entirely separate issue:
The last 2 parameters in the "Traditional C" argument list for
_sungetc_r and _sungetwc_r and reversed and wrongly named.
_sungetc_r has (data, fp, ch) but should be (data, c, fp)
_sungetwc_r has (data, fp, ch) but should be (data, wc, fp)


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