Newlib 2.3.0 is released

Jon Beniston
Tue Dec 22 10:24:00 GMT 2015

Hi Jeff,

The link on:

To source snapshot on "newlib ftp directory" (which points to, seems to be the tar file rather than a HTML page, so browsers try to display it as text. I think this used to be a page that displayed links to all the releases.


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The latest snapshot is on the ftp-site.

Thanks to Corinna who reviewed the vast majority of patches on the mailing list and thanks to all who contributed/reviewed patches.

*** Major changes in newlib version 2.3.0:

- dynamic atexit logic fixed
- various arm performance enhancements
- new version of strtold
- doc improvements
- arc platform support redone
- strftime improvements/enhancements
- imported logic from FreeBSD
- locking fixes
- complex math enhancements
- visium platform support added
- or1k platform support added


-- Jeff J.

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