Build failure on MIPS (strtorx.c)

Maciej W. Rozycki
Tue Nov 24 19:00:00 GMT 2015

On Mon, 23 Nov 2015, Steve Ellcey  wrote:

> The recent changes to strtorx.c and strtodg.c seem to have broken the
> MIPS newlib build.  My build is currently failing while compiling strtorx.c.
> It complains that ldus_QNAN[01234] are undeclared and that the use of
> _strtodg_r is an implicit function reference.

 These macros are for the x86 80-bit extended format (with an explicit 
leading significand bit).  They are irrelevant for the MIPS target.

> I am not sure what the correct fix for this is.  I see the definitions
> of ldus_QNAN* in newlib/libc/stdlib/gd_qnan.h and that it is ifdef'ed
> for MIPS.  It looks like if __mips is defined then none of the ldus_QNAN
> macros are defined but I don't know if they should be defined or if the
> uses of them in strtorx.c should be ifdef'ed out for MIPS.

 The `long double' type is an alias to the `double' type on MIPS/Newlib 
targets I believe, and the x86 80-bit extended format is not used so I 
think _LDBL_EQ_DBL is supposed to be defined and strtorx.c excluded from 
the build if this is the case.  I can see this is already the case for the 
relevant prototypes provided in newlib/libc/stdlib/mprec.h so it looks 
like a simple bug in importing the changes in commit fbace816.


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