Year 2038 problem

Steven Abner
Mon Nov 23 21:31:00 GMT 2015

On 23 Nov 2015, at 10:03 AM, Eric Blake wrote:

> On 11/21/2015 05:30 PM, Steven Abner wrote:
>> I have a solution for 32 bit, if your interested.
> This is open source.  Post your patches already, and then we're more
> likely to be interested.

It a lot of code, and a new approach. If you'd like to view it,
There is no patch, and note that atomic function was only done on i386/64. I tried to make notes specific to
And as I said this is older code. New code of the time section works with 28 (I think the number is) different
numeric systems. This was tested where it multi-threads, and not like the norm.
And if you view other code, note that its old and not as fast or updated with newer concepts.
  oops forgot cc, sent to Eric, and R.Diez

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