[PATCH 3/5] [ARM] Rename strlen to strlen-stub.c

Marcus Shawcroft marcus.shawcroft@arm.com
Fri Nov 13 12:05:00 GMT 2015

In order to maintain consistency both within machine/arm and between
machine/arm and machine/aarch64, rename the 'c' stub to -stub.c.

Tested by building newlib and comparing libc.a binaries before and
after for all permutations of:

         armv4 armv4t armv5 armv5t armv5te armv6 armv6j armv6k
         armv6z armv6kz armv6t2 armv6-m armv6s-m armv7 armv7-a
         armv7ve armv7-r armv7-m armv7e-m armv8-a iwmmxt iwmmxt2

         thumb arm

       Optimization Levels:
        Os O2

         armv6s-m -mthumb
         armv6-m -mthumb

         armv6zk -mthumb
         armv6z -mthumb
         armv6k -mthumb
         armv6j -mthumb

OK ?


        * libc/machine/arm/Makefile.am: Rename strlen.c to strlen-stub.c
        * libc/machine/arm/Makefile.in: Regenerate.
        * libc/machine/arm/strlen.c: Rename to...
        * libc/machine/arm/strlen-stub.c: ... this.

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