[PATCH RL78] Update crt0.S

Kaushik Phatak Kaushik.Phatak@kpit.com
Wed Oct 14 18:09:00 GMT 2015

The below patch fixes a minor issue related to clearing of the bss section.
The old code cleared 2 incorrect bytes at end of bss and missed clearing the first 2 bytes
of .bss section.
For example,
__bssstart = 0xF9200
__bsssize = 0x100
__bssend =x 0xF9300

The old code cleared 2 bytes at 0xF9300 and 0xF9301 (0xF9200 + 0x100) and missed clearing the
data at 0xF9200 and 0xF9201.
The below patch fixes this issue.
This is regression tested for rl78 -msim. There are no additional failures, however there is
an increase in code size by 3 bytes due to additional code for 'cmp' and 'bz'.

Requesting to review the below patch and commit it on my behalf if OK.

Best Regards,

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2015-10-14  Kaushik Phatak <kaushik.phatak@sandifo@redhat.com>

        * rl78/crt0.S (_start): Fixed code that clears .bss

Index: libgloss/rl78/crt0.S
--- libgloss/rl78/crt0.S	(revision 2805)
+++ libgloss/rl78/crt0.S	(working copy)
@@ -176,17 +176,20 @@
 ;; block fill to .bss
-	movw	bc, #__bsssize
-	movw	ax, #0
-	cmpw	ax, bc
-	bz	$1f
-	movw	__bssstart[bc], ax
-	decw	bc
-	decw	bc
-	br	$1b
+        movw    bc, #__bsssize
+        movw    ax, #0
+        cmpw    ax, bc
+        bz      $_bss_zero_done
+        decw    bc
+        decw    bc
+        movw    __bssstart[bc], ax
+        cmpw    ax, bc
+        bz      $_bss_zero_done
+        br      $1b
 	call	!!__rl78_init
 #ifdef PROFILE_SUPPORT	/* Defined in gcrt0.S.  */
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