Newlib Sources for HTTP download

Vivek Kinhekar
Fri Aug 21 08:24:00 GMT 2015

Frank Ch. Eigler <fche <at>> writes:

> Hi -
> > If its possible for you, could you please make newlib sources
> > available for downloading using http? Currently, its available using
> > ftp only...
> Added a ftp-> symlink under the newlib htdocs, so that
> redirects to the ftp area.
> - FChE


No, this is not what I was looking for...
If I want to download, say newlib 2.1.0, the current link address is:

Instead, what I was looking for is that the link address be:

In order to download newlib-2.1.0, the link should be:

And so on...

Is it possible?

Vivek Kinhekar

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