[PATCH, AARCH64] Optimized memset

Wilco Dijkstra wdijkstr@arm.com
Wed Jul 8 18:01:00 GMT 2015

This is an optimized memset for AArch64. Memset is split into 4 main cases: small sets of up to 16
bytes, medium of 16..96 bytes which are fully unrolled. Large memsets of more than 96 bytes align
the destination and use an unrolled loop processing 64 bytes per iteration. Memsets of zero of more
than 256 use the dc zva instruction, and there are faster versions for the common ZVA sizes 64 or
128. STP of Q registers is used to reduce codesize without loss of performance.

2015-07-08  Wilco Dijkstra  <wdijkstr@arm.com>

	* newlib/libc/machine/aarch64/memset.S (memset): 
	Rewrite of optimized memset.

OK for commit?
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