Commit: MSP430: Add support for low & high sections

Friedrich Lobenstock
Wed Jun 10 07:55:00 GMT 2015

Hello Nick!

Nick Clifton wrote on 2015-05-05 13:44 MET:
>   This patch supports an about-to-be-contributed patch to GCC for the
>   MSP430 will add the ability for the compiler and linker to dynamically
>   allocate data and code to either a low (<64K) memory region or a high
>   memory region.  In order for this feature to work the MSP430 linker
>   scripts in libgloss need to be updated to handle some new sections.
>   In addition the linker scripts and startup code need to handle data
>   that is stored in (high memory) flash RAM and which needs to be
>   reinitialised when the processor is reset.
>   The patch also tidies up the libgloss/msp430 directory, removing a few
>   unneeded files.

Do you know, when those changes to newlib and the corresponding
patch(es) to GCC will become available for TI Code Composer Studio users?

This is a feature I'm eagerly waiting for.

MfG / Regards

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