[PATCH 7/8] or1k: set heap start for optimsoc-gzll

Stefan Wallentowitz stefan.wallentowitz@tum.de
Sun May 17 15:05:00 GMT 2015

With the gzll kernel we have two different loading options:

 - If the image is loaded to the global memory, the bootstrapping
   loads the kernel to local memory. Applications are loaded on
   demand. The heap then starts right after bss.

 - If the image is pre-loaded to the local memory it includes the
   application binaries right after bss. The heap then starts after
   the application objects.

We can check if this is a gzll kernel as it has the string "gzll" at
0x2000. At 0x200c we then find the end of the application objects in
the image. If there is no global memory we set _or1k_heap_start to
this value.

    * or1k/boards/optimsoc.S: Heap for gzll kernel
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