can newlib really work as linux C library on i686 or x86_64?

Junfeng Dong
Wed May 6 03:32:00 GMT 2015

Recently I tried to use newlib to build simple programs on x86_64 or
i686. I run into various problems.Can someone please tell me what is
the mistake I made.
1. when build it as part of cross toolchain (target is i686-linux-elf,
host is x86_64). it shows crt0.o is missing.
2. native build with "-with-newlib --disable-multilib" on i686
machine. it failed with
/usr/include/i386-linux-gnu/bits/types.h:170:1: error: unknown type
name ‘__FSWORD_T_TYPE’

I searched the history mailing list. It is said that "Newlib is almost
NEVER built as a linux library. That it can do so AT ALL is a recent
change and rarely used" "Newlib is intended for bare-metal targets
like m32c-elf, arm-elf, h8300-coff, etc."
Have things changed from that? Can newlib really work as linux C
library on i686 and fully tested?

Best regards

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