Wrong documentation for open()

Friedrich Lobenstock fl-newlib@lsl.at
Mon Apr 20 09:53:00 GMT 2015


Richard Earnshaw wrote on 2015-04-16 17:19 MET:
> However, changing this in newlib now would be an ABI change on some
> platforms, since the presence of a variadic function marker may change
> the argument passing rules. 

The library already defines open() as variadic function, I guess it
wants to be POSIX compliant or so! THIS IS NOT AN ABI CHANGE only a
documentation correction!

There was an error in the documentation which I followed and had to find
out by hard that some arguments where passed on the stack BUT my open()
function expected all parameters in registers, as per TI MSP430 calling

Have a nice weekend!

MfG / Regards
Friedrich Lobenstock

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