Patch: Change from configure time to compile time probe for intptr_t, definition.

Joel Sherrill
Sat Mar 21 19:26:00 GMT 2015


It doesn't look like the git send-email made it to the list. Attached is
the patch I have tested on some targets. I was trying to build a
complete set of tools with the gcc and binutils/gdb head and that
hasn't gone so well. This definitely gives the right answer on m32c

It removes the configure time probe and replaces it with logic
in <sys/config.h>.

Yaakov.. how does this work for you?

2015-03-18  Joel Sherrill <

        * Delete logic to determine _UINTPTR_EQ_ULONGLONG
        and _UINTPTR_EQ_ULONG at configuration time.
        *libc/include/sys/config.h: Add logic to determine
        _UINTPTR_EQ_ULONGLONG and _UINTPTR_EQ_ULONG at compilation time.
        * libc/include/inttypes.h: Add include of <sys/config.h>.
        * configure: Regenerated.

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