[PATCH v3] Merge parts of <sys/time.h> from FreeBSD

Eric Blake eblake@redhat.com
Fri Mar 20 20:12:00 GMT 2015

On 03/20/2015 04:34 AM, Sebastian Huber wrote:

>> I try currently to figure out, why this is not a problem on FreeBSD.
> On FreeBSD the <sys/types.h> defines the following types:
> int8_t
> int16_t
> int32_t
> int64_t
> uint8_t
> uint16_t
> uint32_t
> uint64_t
> intptr_t
> uintptr_t
> These types are defined in <sys/_stdint.h> on FreeBSD.
> On glibc only the following types are available via <sys/types.h>:
> int8_t
> int16_t
> int32_t
> int64_t

POSIX does not require ANY of these types to be defined in
<sys/types.h>; Portable code MUST use #include <stdint.h> [or the
superset <inttypes.h>] to guarantee that they exist.

That said, POSIX also does not forbid these types from being
additionally defined in <sys/types.h>
reserves the entire *_t namespace for all headers, which means ANY
header, including sys/types.h, can declare uint8_t without polluting the

> I would like to use the FreeBSD approach also for Newlib. Any objections?

Personally, I think that forcing users to include <stdint.h> makes their
code more portable, but practically, I can live with making life easier
for people who don't pay attention to standards when there is no
namespace pollution issue at hand.  Therefore, no objections from me.

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