__getreent in libgloss

Stefan Wallentowitz stefan.wallentowitz@tum.de
Wed Nov 5 08:03:00 GMT 2014

On 04.11.2014 22:14, Jeff Johnston wrote:
> That makes sense if you are going to support multiple threads running on
> the cores.

perfect, thanks!

There is just one last thing I am not sure about: I (and the most 
OpenRISC guys) used newlib primarily for baremetal applications 
(or1k-elf), while the RTEMS port of course uses it differently (say 
I now handle all the reentrany stuff for baremetal in libgloss [1] (is 
that correct?) and access it from my newlib __getreent [2]. This will of 
course not work with RTEMS (and therefore maybe not accepted). What is 
the legitimate way to handle this? Some preprocessor magic? Or am I 
getting something entirely wrong?

My solution would be: Distinguish between or1k-*-elf and or1k-*-* in 
configure.host and either set __DYNAMIC_REENT__ and __getreent there or 
set some defines that are then used in [2].

Thanks again for for quick help.

Best regards,


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