selective linking of floating point support for *printf / *scanf

Thomas Preud'homme
Fri Oct 24 08:06:00 GMT 2014

> From: [] On
> Behalf Of Joseph S. Myers
> I'm not clear if you're proposing such a patch for review, but note:

Yep but not yet for inclusion as I'm waiting to see if this would suit the use case of avr people.

> (a) you mean DEF_EXT_LIB_BUILTIN (since asprintf and vasprintf aren't in
> ISO C);


> (b) please don't add new target macros such as
> something is defined in tm_defines and used in architecture-
> independent
> code, it's effectively a target macro), find a way to implement these as
> hooks instead.

Oh right, indeed. I didn't realize. Thanks for the review.

Joern feel free to give your opinion about whether such an approach would be alright for you.

Best regards,


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