Proper cpu-vendor-os triplet?

Freddie Chopin
Tue Oct 21 16:10:00 GMT 2014

On 10/21/2014 04:02 PM, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> On 10/21/2014 8:03 AM, Freddie Chopin wrote:
> IMO arm-distortos is what the user should configure. Internally, the 
> canonical name will be arm-none-distortos.

OK, to make my question a bit more specific - should the string passed 
to newlib's configure be "... --target=arm-distortos ..." and the names 
of the binaries should be arm-distortos-gcc, arm-distortos-g++ etc.? I 
guess such string wouldn't work with newlib's (fragment 
posted earlier) if I would be consistent and expected "distortos" to be 
the third element of the triplet, right?

What is the name of toolchain (the triplet) for RTEMS (for ARM or any 
other chip)?


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