makeinfo --html doesn't split properly if a node is named index

Jon Beniston
Fri Oct 17 11:19:00 GMT 2014


I'm using makeinfo to try to build html docs for newlib C library.

When using --no-split, the html file seems to be correctly generated. 

When using any of the split options (--split=chapter|node|section or
--split-size=5000000), the output is corrupted. In the index.html file, what
should be one of the sub-nodes, appears at the top, and many of the
navigation footers on random pages are missing.

I suspect this relates to the node name "index" being used. The node names
are generated based on C function names, and there is an index function.
Changing this name to something else, seems to fix the problem. However, all
of the other doc formats (info/pdf etc) seem ok.

Is this an issue with makeinfo --html, or should "@node index" not be used
in the newlib tex files?


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