first post, perplexed by printf()

Dave McGuire
Fri Oct 3 03:42:00 GMT 2014

  Hi folks.  New list member here; I'm sure I'll see some familiar names.

  I've been using newlib for several years on a few different ARM7
platforms, primarily the NXP LPC family, with great results. (thanks!)
I'm just getting stuff running on my first CortexM3-based system now,
and printf() has me stymied.

  I'm hoping this is a simple thing that someone else has run into.  I
don't have any reasonable way to get a debugger running on my board just
yet, so I figured I'd just ask here to see if someone pipes up and says
"Oh!  It's just <xyz>."

  If I do printf("%d\n", 1); everything works fine.  If I do
printf("%d\n", 10);, my processor hangs.  (again with no debugging
support just yet, I don't know where)  In other words, as soon as I try
to format an integer with more than one digit, it hangs.  I can add
characters to the format string, and it works.  I've given it ever more
stack, no change. (I'm aware of printf()'s appetite for memory)

  I'm using the 2.1.0 snapshot of newlib, standard multilib config, with
GCC v4.9.1 on an Energy Micro/SiLabs EFM32GG-series processor.  Same
toolchain and newlib build as I have working on lots of designs with
non-Cortex ARM7 processors.

  Before I dig any deeper, does this ring a bell for anyone?


Dave McGuire, AK4HZ/3
New Kensington, PA

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