[PATCH] libc/time/month_lengths.c: use proper (as in original patch) name for array - "__month_lengths" instead of "month_lengths"

Freddie Chopin freddie_chopin@op.pl
Mon Sep 15 14:20:00 GMT 2014

W dniu 2014-09-13 09:00, Freddie Chopin pisze:
> W dniu 2014-09-12 23:43, Jeff Johnston pisze:
>> Yes...I didn't look at the fix-up patch closely.  Fixed.  Thanks.
> You took both missing files (month_lengths.c and tzcalc_limits.c) from
> the first version of patch, so that's the reason for the above problem.
> But that's not the only problem - the problematic array has old name
> "month_lengths", not "__month_lengths".
> I compile-checked that (with a call to localtime(), to actually pull the
> relevant code in the link) and it seems to be the last problem. I attach
> patch with a changelog.
> Are patches in git format a problem to apply on CVS repo?

I'm pinging about the patch I posted on Friday, as the problem now is 
hidden - newlib will compile fine, but any application which would 
actually need this array would fail to link, there will be no previous 
indication of the problem.


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