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Everyone deserves to experience a tropical paradise during their lives. 

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Ingredients : 

140g  strawberries 
½  x  405g  can  light  condensed  milk 
500g  tub  0%-fat  Greek  yogurt Directions : 

Roughly  chop  half  the  strawberries  and  whizz  the  rest  in  a  food  processor  or  with  a  stick  blender  to  a  purée. 
In  a  big  bowl,  stir  the  condensed  milk  into  the  puréed  strawberries  then  gently  stir  in  the  yogurt  until  well  mixed.  Fold  through  the  chopped  strawberries. 
Scrape  the  mixture  into  a  loaf  tin  or  container,  pop  on  the  lid  or  wrap  well  in  cling  film  and  freeze  overnight,  until  solid.  Remove  from  the  freezer  about  10-15  mins  before  you  want  to  serve  the  frozen  yogurt.  Can  be  frozen  for  up  to  1  month.

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