[PATCH] Add missing strerror() strings, clean up

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill@oarcorp.com
Fri Jul 11 00:37:00 GMT 2014

Thanks for doing this. I like having all the new strings
in place.

But with the recent focus on dropping footprint, I wondered
if anyone cared about the size of this method.

I don't care enough to implement it but it could be
that someone wants a version that just prints the
number as a string to save footprint.

Of course, they could just have easily printed
the number themselves. But we all have been in a
situation where you don't want to touch existing code.

Just food for thought. I want the patch to go in. :)


On 7/10/2014 7:12 PM, Nick Withers wrote:
> Hi Cragi,
> Thanks for taking the time!
> Could you include me on any replies? I'm not subscribed.
>> On 07/10/2014 06:26 AM, Nick Withers wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> The attached patch:
>>> - Adds to strerror()'s strerror.c strings for:
>>>    ...
>>> - Changes the following comments in errno.h to match the implementation:
>>>    ...
>>>    - EDOM, from "Math arg out of domain of func" to "Math
>>> argument" (would "Mathematics argument out of domain of function" or
>>> "Mathematical (...)" be better?)
>> "Math argument" would be a step backwards. If it were to be changed at
>> all, use the POSIX "Mathematics argument out of domain of
>> function." (The existing is POSIX with 3 abbreviations, and really
>> could be left as-is.)
> "Math argument" is the existing message. There's a comment in errno.h
> though, that is meant to match the message proper, and currently does
> not. That's what's addressed here.
> However, if you'd like me to change it to "Mathematics argument out of
> domain of function", happy to do so (I certainly like that better...).
>>> ...
>>> P.S.: Should EMFILE's "Too many open files" actually be "File descriptor
>>> value too large"? ENFILE's for the former, I think? Perhaps they're one
>>> and the same in Newlib :-)
>> The description ought to match POSIX, so , yes, EMFILE ought to
>> change. (It appears to only be used in 1 place
>> (libc/machine/spu/stdio.c), where it is not entirely clear with a
>> cursory examination whether it is being used properly or not.)
> Righto, I'll send a PATCH-v2 when we've got the EDOM bit sorted.
> In my previous message, I also missed that the patch adds ENETRESET,
> "Connection aborted by network".
>> Craig

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