Porting newlib to OpenRISC/or1k for RTEMS usage - Licence issue

Jeff Johnston jjohnstn@redhat.com
Mon May 5 20:44:00 GMT 2014

Yes, you can write your own setjmp.S from scratch.  You cannot copy the other
version.  For many platforms, the setjmp/longjmp logic is often obvious (e.g.
there are 16 registers that require saving in an area and to restore registers,
one usually would use the following sequence of insns).

You can also alternatively ask permission from the original author of the
setjmp.S file to add a BSD-style or corresponding open license so it may be added to
newlib or a license that permits its use in newlib.

-- Jeff J.

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> From: "Hesham Moustafa" <heshamelmatary@gmail.com>
> To: newlib@sourceware.org
> Cc: "Joel Sherrill" <joel.sherrill@oarcorp.com>, "Chris Johns" <chrisj@rtems.org>
> Sent: Friday, May 2, 2014 7:25:41 PM
> Subject: Porting newlib to OpenRISC/or1k for RTEMS usage - Licence issue
> Hi,
> I am working on porting RTEMS to OpenRISC/or1k. Part of this project
> is having newlib ported for or1k target as RTEMS uses newlib. When I
> submitted a minimal patch [1] that does the porting job to RTEMS
> mailing list for review, I got a feedback stating that the licence for
> or1k/setjmp.S is invalid.
> The questions is, can I write a similar (setjmp.S) file to avoid this
> licence issue?
> [1]
> https://github.com/heshamelmatary/or1k-rtems/blob/master/patches/newlib-cvs-or1k-rtems-29-4-2014.diff
> Thanks,
> Hesham

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