68000 cross compiler with newlib problems

rcanup@hal-pc.org rcanup@hal-pc.org
Sun Mar 23 16:15:00 GMT 2014

I am fairly sure that my procedure for building a cross compiler works;  
I built an ARM bare metal tool chain using Newlib last night - using the 
same procedure (of course with different names).

I just attempted a newlib build using binutils-2.24, newlib-2.1.0 (with 
the latest CVS src download), and gcc-4.8.2 and all Ubuntu packages 
upgraded. These are all the most current sources I can find. The results 
were the same - the first error in the Newlib build (there are many 
cascading failures in 2.1.0 after the first error) was from the 
assembler making the same complaint about cpu=68000 that I outlined in 
my original post.

I note that many of the calls to 'm68k-elf-gcc' (my bootstrap gcc) have 
the -mcpu=68000 or -mcpu=68060 or -mcpu=fido construct in them. For some 
reason these don't blow up - but only when the last step before using AR 
to build the libraries arrives does the assembler complain. Is it 
possible that somehow the native 'as' is being called instead of 
'm68k-elf-as' ?

By the way the '--with-gnu-as' '--with-gnu-ld' flags to the Newlib 
configure make no difference in the out come.

I want to thank everyone in for their work on this open source project. 
I know how difficult tracking down obscure bugs in a package as large as 
Newlib is.

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