Problem configuring newlib on Ubuntu

Ben Hertzberg
Wed Feb 12 22:28:00 GMT 2014


I am trying to build newlib on an x86-64 Ubuntu 13.10 system for aarch64 simulation.  I have already installed the aarch64-linux-gnu binutils, as well as some of the other packages that the configure script seemed to be checking for.  I just want to create a libc and libgloss that I can statically link against when compiling AArch64 linux ELF binaries.

I am running into serious trouble getting newlib to configure and build.  I’m spinning my wheels and I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide.

Here are the steps that I take after downloading the newlib archive:

tar zxvf newlib-2.1.0.tar.gz
mkdir newlib-aarch64-linux-gnu
cd newlib-aarch64-linux-gnu

This make does not actually build anything.  I’ve tried the same thing with specifying some host/target pairs on the configure cmdline, and I see the same behavior.

But I cannot find anything that stands out from the config output or config.log that would explain the failure (to my inexperienced eyes).  I was going to attach the output and log file, but it got bounced from the mailing list.  If you respond directly to me, I’d be happy to provide any logs that might assist.

I’ve noted that newlib appears to have aarch64 support, and I’m aware that I will need to implement the syscalls for my simulation environment.  For now, I’m just hoping to get to a point where I can build, and to work forward from there.

Can anyone help explain why the instructions in the README don’t seem to get me to a viable starting point?

 - Ben

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