numtestf is broken

Craig Howland
Tue Feb 4 17:26:00 GMT 2014

Just in case you did not know, mathfp is not supposed to be used any more (being 
pretty well messed up), and supposedly you can't even choose it from configure.  
So unless you were planning to try and fix the whole thing, you probably should 
save your time.

This does not necessarily mean that the patch cannot be checked in. It looks 
good to me.  (Although, while glancing at it, the routine could be considered to 
be flawed in execution order in that it does a floating point comparison for 
zero before the NAN and INF checks, which can produce a floating point exception 
(invalid, if the argument is NAN).  Check routines are supposed to avoid those.  
But this only matters if the user cares about FP exceptions.)

This brings up something that apparently has been true for at least a couple of 
years (c.f.  the newlib 
email archive search engine fails to find "mathfp" at all.  (I just tried, 
altering plenty of the options.  I ended up just using Google with 
"site: mathfp" to find stuff.) How can this be 


On 02/04/2014 07:13 AM, Matthias Braun wrote:
> Attached is a patch for numtestf which did not detect NaN and INF
> correctly.
> Greetings
> 	Matthias Braun

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