Texinfo 5 fix (partial)

Gene Smith gds@chartertn.net
Sun Jan 12 05:57:00 GMT 2014

Freddie Chopin wrote, On 01/05/2014 03:13 AM:
> Indeed, in my scripts (based on sth else of course) I also have to
> disable "make html" (I have last tried a week ago, with the HEAD of
> repo, so 2.1.0).
> Additionally I have to add my small "fix" to 4 or 5 files or the pdf
> generation fails too (in Arch Linux)...

Thanks for confirming this. I wasn't sure from your previous post 
whether it worked for you or not. Anyhow, also applied the other fixes 
you mentioned from your other post(s) to this list and only "make html" 
fails. Guess most people don't try to make all the docs or these 
problems would be seen by now.


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