Texinfo 5 fix (partial)

Freddie Chopin freddie_chopin@op.pl
Sun Jan 5 08:13:00 GMT 2014

W dniu 2014-01-05 01:08, Gene Smith pisze:
> I still see this error even with Freddie C's patches (using the latest
> newlib which seems to contain them). Build of newlib works OK including
> "make pdf". Only "make.html" is failing so don't get libc.html nor
> libm.html built due to above error. Only if I remove the offending lines
> in targetdep.tex listed above, I can run
> makeinfo --split-size=5000000 --split-size=5000000  --html   -I
> /home/<my-path>/src/newlib/newlib/libm \
> -o libm.htp /home/<my-path>/src/newlib/newlib/libm/libm.texinfo
> and it produces libm.htp. However, don't know enough about how
> tex/makeinfo etc works to understand what needs to be fixed (or what I
> may be doing wrong). Had no problems with older texi stuff (4.x) with
> exact same build scripts but new fedora 20 has moved to 5.x. (Several
> other packages failed to build documentation due to 5.x but found
> solutions for them.)

Indeed, in my scripts (based on sth else of course) I also have to 
disable "make html" (I have last tried a week ago, with the HEAD of 
repo, so 2.1.0).

Additionally I have to add my small "fix" to 4 or 5 files or the pdf 
generation fails too (in Arch Linux)...


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