ARM Multilib libc - make install only copies the default libc.a file to the toolchain directory.

James Walmsley
Tue Nov 19 10:38:00 GMT 2013

Hi All,

I've been creating a new toolchain based on newlib for my embedded operating system bitthunder (, and so far I've had lots of success.
One of my colleagues asked if I can generate a toolchain with support for armv7-a with neon and hard float support.

I have managed to sucessfully compile my toolchain and newlib, but when linking to libc I get errors.

After some analysis of the problem, I noticed that it was always linking to the default libc.a file (arm-eabi-bt/libc.a).

I then noticed that the my toolchain only contained a single libc.a file, yet the build directory contained many libc.a files for
each multilib variant.

I copied the libc.a files into the correct locations in my toolchain and I can now successfully compile and link.

Is there a problem with the default make install, or is there some kind of make install-multilibs?

I am using the newlib-2.0.0 release.

Many thanks in advance,

James Walmsley

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