Sebastian's Patches Committed

Ralf Corsepius
Sat Oct 26 02:05:00 GMT 2013

On 10/25/2013 05:13 PM, Hans-Peter Nilsson wrote:
> More imagination needed!
>> 1. Use <stdint.h> from GCC and do this consistently, or
> What do you mean by consistently?  Using it within compiled code
> in newlib, yes.  Leaking stdint.h by using it *in installed
> newlib headers* is a bug, not consistency.  The identifier
> leakage is an actual bug, as opposed to the fixed wart of not
> actually using the gcc stdint.h within newlib.
> So, I suggest that patch be reverted but I'm open to:
I don't like Sebastian's patch, either, but haven't actually tested it 
yet, to have a strong opinion about it.
>> 2. do not use <stdint.h> from GCC and define the type system on our own.
> 3. derive the internal definitions from gcc stdint.h.

There is another option: derive newlib's types from GCC internal types 
when possible and fall back to using heuristics when GCC's internal 
types are not available. This is what newlib had done before Sebastian's 


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