[patch, libgloss, mips] Add unlink, lseek, stat functions.

Steve Ellcey sellcey@mips.com
Wed Jul 24 17:57:00 GMT 2013

Ping.  This is a very small mips specific patch that will allow me to
add more functionality to the GNU simulator.

Steve Ellcey

On Tue, 2013-07-09 at 16:13 -0700, Steve Ellcey wrote:
> A while back I sent some email about adding ftruncate and chsize to libgloss
> in order to fix some Fortran test failures I was getting when running the
> GCC Fortran testsuite under the MIPS GNU simulator.  I have since realized that
> while I may need those functions my more immediate problem was that some of
> the system calls already defined in libgloss/syscall.h were not implemented
> in the MIPS GNU simulator.  Specifically many tests failed due to a lack of
> unlink, lseek, and stat.  This patch adds specially defined function
> definitions for these entry points to the MIPS libgloss so that they can be
> intercepted by the GNU simulator.  I have a second patch that I will submit
> to gdb that actually implements the functionality in the simulator.   This
> patch just makes sure that they are seen by the simulator so that it can
> intercept and implement them.  Note that the numbers used in the definitions
> do not match syscall.h and do not need to, they just need to match the
> case statement in the GNU simulator that implements each of the calls.
> OK for checkin?
> Steve Ellcey
> sellcey@mips.com
> 2013-07-09  Steve Ellcey  <sellcey@mips.com>
> 	* mips/idtmon.S (unlink, lseek, stat): Add new functions.
> diff --git a/libgloss/mips/idtmon.S b/libgloss/mips/idtmon.S
> index bb15388..304aaa4 100644
> --- a/libgloss/mips/idtmon.S
> +++ b/libgloss/mips/idtmon.S
> @@ -39,6 +39,9 @@ INDIRECT(write,8)
>  INDIRECT(close,10)
>  INDIRECT(inbyte,11)
>  INDIRECT(outbyte,12)
> +INDIRECT(unlink,13)
> +INDIRECT(lseek,14)
> +INDIRECT(stat,15)
>  INDIRECT(mon_printf,16)
>  INDIRECT(_flush_cache,28)
>  INDIRECT(get_mem_info,55)	/* expects pointer to three word vector */

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