[Patch, AArch64] Update crt0.S to be ILP32-friendly

Yufeng Zhang Yufeng.Zhang@arm.com
Mon Jun 24 10:35:00 GMT 2013


This patch makes a number of changes to the crt0.S file in order to 
support the ILP32 ABI.

Because the Angel APIs are kept the same between LP64 and ILP32, some 
changes are needed to make sure the heap info can be obtained properly 
from the HeapInfo Angel call.

The patch also fixes the argv handling where the pointers pushed to the 
stack shall be 4-byte size when __ILP32__ is defined.

The gcc patches for ILP32 (including the one that defines __ILP32__) 
will be sent shortly, but this patch can be committed independently.

OK for the trunk?



	* aarch64/crt0.S (GEN_DWORD): New macro definition.
	(PTR_REG): Ditto.
	(PTR_SIZE): Ditto.
	(PTR_LOG_SIZE): Ditto.
	(start): Use GEN_DWORD to replace the .dword of HeapBase,
	__bss_start__, __bss_end__, FUNCTION(_fini), env and
	CommandLine; when __ILP32__ is defined, set the stack base to
	the top end of the 32-bit address space if the returned value
	from the Angel API call is larger than or equal to 4 GiB.
	Also carry out sanity check on the heap base; abort if the
	base is larger than or equal to 4 GiB.  Use other new
	macros in the instructions that processes the argv arrays.
	(StackBase): New lable; replace __stack_base__.
	(__stack_base__): Set with StackBase or StackBase + 4.
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