[PATCH] libgloss: respect DESTDIR for RX

Peter Marheine peter@taricorp.net
Sun Feb 10 23:54:00 GMT 2013

Hi all,
libgloss on RX doesn't respect DESTDIR in the install rule, causing
build failures in some cases. This patch adds DESTDIR support to RX as
in the other targets.


2013-02-10 Peter Marheine <peter@taricorp.net>

       * libgloss/rx/Makefile.in: Respect DESTDIR when installing
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diff --git a/libgloss/rx/Makefile.in b/libgloss/rx/Makefile.in
index bc7776a..f3806ae 100644
--- a/libgloss/rx/Makefile.in
+++ b/libgloss/rx/Makefile.in
@@ -139,11 +139,11 @@ write.o : $(SDEPS)

 install: $(CRT) $(SIM_BSP) $(SCRIPTS)
        for c in $(CRT) $(SIM_BSP); do \
-         $(INSTALL_DATA) $$c $(tooldir)/lib${MULTISUBDIR}/$$c ;\
+         $(INSTALL_DATA) $$c $(DESTDIR)$(tooldir)/lib${MULTISUBDIR}/$$c ;\
        for c in $(SCRIPTS); do \
          b=`basename $$c`; \
-         $(INSTALL_DATA) $$c $(tooldir)/lib${MULTISUBDIR}/$$b ;\
+         $(INSTALL_DATA) $$c $(DESTDIR)$(tooldir)/lib${MULTISUBDIR}/$$b ;\

 clean mostlyclean: 

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