Build fails for mips1

Joel Sherrill
Sun Feb 10 21:28:00 GMT 2013

I have a hack of a patch to get mips-rtems to build. I thought I had posted it but maybe I didn't.

I think it is a bug in the new implementation.


Ivan Sichmann Freitas <> wrote:

Up to version 1.20.0, I could build a toolchain for cross compiling code
for mips1 using newlib (plus gcc and binutils) just fine. But with 2.0.0
or git HEAD the compilation fails (see log attached) when trying to use
prefetch instructions, which don't exist in mips1 ISA.

All my toolchain uses --target=mips-elf, and gcc 4.7.2 is configured as
shown in the attached log (there is, however, a custom specfile added to
this gcc buid, which is not run by default, so I'm not ruling out
problemas with my toolchain). The error occurs in memcpy.S (see the
probing of _MIPS_ISA in lines 52 to 57), recently rewritten in pure
assembly. Adding -DDISABLE-PREFETCH fixes the build, but that wasn't
needed before (adding -mips1 to CFLAGS doesn't seem to change anything).

At this point, I'm unsure of the real cause of the problem. Is
-DDISABLE-PREFETCH mandatory from now on? Was --target=mips-elf supposed
to generate mips1 code? Is it a bug in memcpy.S or in my toolchain?

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