Problem with building PDFs

Freddie Chopin
Wed Jan 23 20:04:00 GMT 2013

W dniu 2013-01-23 20:35, Joel Sherrill pisze:
> On 01/23/2013 01:20 PM, Freddie Chopin wrote:
>> But your message made me do a little "search" and indeed there are some
>> empty (0 bytes) files called stmp-def in many folders + some "normal"
>> file that are empty:
>>> [freddie@arch newlib]$ find -size 0
>>> ./libc/stdio/getwc.def
>>> ./libc/stdio/putwc.def
>>> ./libc/stdlib/mallocr.def
>> So three .def files that are empty. Could that be the reason? These 3
>> names cannot be found in the log of "make pdf", so I guess not...
> No. The *.def files that are empty are the problem. They are
> not being generated properly.

But in case of these 3 files there's no documentation in the source .c 
files, so I guess it's quite correct these are 0 bytes long. Or maybe 
not "correct", but "expected"...

>> I guess the real reason is somewhere here:
>> I've got a failure for these 5 files:
>> libc:
>> sscanf.def:275
>> swscanf.def:261
>> strftime.def:212
>> libm:
>> isgreater.def:55
>> s_matherr.def:81
>> Each failure is in exactly the same place:
> Those files include references to "nodes" which are supposed
> to be defined in the empty "*.def" files. So the linkage is broken
> before some nodes are empty.

I'm confused... Do the 5 files above "link" any external .def files or 
maybe the other way around?

> The empty *.def files are triggering the failures. Why the build
> is generating them empty is the question.

I can attach output of configure and make info pdf if that makes any 
sense, but there's nothing especially wrong there other than what I've 
described previously...


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