Problem with building PDFs

Joel Sherrill
Sun Jan 20 20:02:00 GMT 2013

On 01/20/2013 05:50 AM, Freddie Chopin wrote:
> W dniu 2013-01-20 09:48, Freddie Chopin pisze:
>> For now I've disabled the make pdf step and I'll see whether it will
>> pass...
> I can build gcc's docs (pdf) without problems...
> 4\/3!!

I didn't look into your log. But just to make sure
they built, I did this:

mkdir b-newlib-doc
cd b-newlib-doc
make pdf

And it built fine. This was on a machine Fedora 16 but
the texinfo RPM is this:


Something not being installed, being recent enough,
too recent and broken, or not having some backend
installed are all possibilities.

--joel sherrill

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