math.h float_t and double_t not typedef'ed when FLT_EVAL_METHOD defined

Craig Howland
Wed Dec 19 12:58:00 GMT 2012

      The first alteration is fine, but the second (no checks on log2f macro) 
stops the patch from fixing the issue that Jordy Portman reported at the start 
of this thread.  If we want that issue to be fixed, either the log2f macro needs 
to be deleted now, or else the added gates/checks would need to go back.  I 
don't care much either way.  The gates preserve the small speed increase (1 
function call overhead) gained by the macro for those cases where it is used 
(probably almost all uses because nobody complained before Jordy did), but do 
make it messier.

On 12/18/2012 04:26 PM, Jeff Johnston wrote:
> I have checked in a modified version of the patch.
> For implementation-defined FLT_EVAL_METHOD values, it will be assumed that 
> float_t and double_t have been defined for the configuration (e.g. config.h or 
> ieeefp.h).
> I have removed the _FLOAT_T_DEFINED and _DOUBLE_T_DEFINED flags and the check 
> in the log2f macro.  I have also defaulted float_t to float and double_t to 
> double if FLT_EVAL_METHOD is not defined as was done prior to the patch.
> In the future, I intend to remove the log2f macro and replace the log2f 
> function with the BSD version which is consistent with the other log functions.
> -- Jeff J.

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