[PATCH, AArch64] Add configury files to the cpu-init subdir

Yufeng Zhang Yufeng.Zhang@arm.com
Sun Nov 11 18:58:00 GMT 2012


This patch adds configuration files to 'libgloss/aarch64/cpu-init'.  The 
'cpu-init' subdir previouly only had 'Makefile.in' and it relied on its 
parent's configuration file to config certain variables.

An issue had been identified that '@host_makefile_frag_path@' in 
'cpu-init/Makefile.in' may not get expanded correctly especially when 
'srcdir' is not an absolute path.

This patch fixes this issue by adding 'configure.in' and its friends to 
the 'cpu-init' subdir so that 'host_makefile_frag_path' can be set properly.

Is it OK to commit?



2012-10-30  Yufeng Zhang  <yufeng.zhang@arm.com>

	* aarch64/configure.in: Replace the direct generation of
	cpu-init/Makefile.in with AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS(cpu-init).
	* aarch64/configure: Re-generate.
	* aarch64/cpu-init/Makefile.in (objtype): Remove.
	(Makefile, config.status): Update the rules.
	* aarch64/cpu-init/aclocal.m4: New file (generated).
	* aarch64/cpu-init/configure.in: New file.
	* aarch64/cpu-init/configure: New file (generated).
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