Newlib and RPC implementation

Jeff Johnston
Tue Oct 2 18:14:00 GMT 2012

Linux is its own animal.  It is LGPL and the code is not shared with any 
other newlib platforms.  Some code has been simply ported from glibc. 
Note that Linux has a lot more syscalls to work with than the prescribed 
newlib set.

Some functions listed in the Linux header files are not supplied as the 
headers were required by something else and it was far simpler to just 
bring in the headers as-is than to weed through and modify the code.

In the case of rpc, you'll note that there are some functions under 
linux/net (e.g. getrpcbyname.c, getrpcbynumber.c,  getrpcent.c, etc..) 
from rpcent.h.

-- Jeff J.

On 09/20/2012 01:23 PM, Martin Osterloh wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just ported newlib to a new Os prototype and it works quite well. I
> wrote my own crt0 and am pretty much all set now.
> My next goal is to port an RPC implementation (i.e. Sun's ONC
> implementation). By (more or less) accident, I saw today that newlib
> also has a bunch of RPC header located in
> newlib/libc/sys/linux/include/rpc.
> I don't find any implementation of the functions that are mentioned
> there. Is there any? Or in general, does newlib come with an RPC
> implementation?
> Thanks,
> --Martin

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