[patch alt 4/4] wordexp: avoid strdup and cleanup memory handling

Peter Rosin peda@lysator.liu.se
Tue Sep 25 16:51:00 GMT 2012

On 2012-09-14 19:36, Peter Rosin wrote:
> 2012-09-14  Peter Rosin  <peda@lysator.liu.se>
> 	* libc/posix/wordfree.c (wordfree): The wrong words are freed
> 	when WRDE_DOOFFS is in use. Restructure the code so that the memory
> 	needed to be freed is instead kept in an internal linked list...
> 	* libc/posix/wordexp2.h: ...as defined here...
> 	* libc/posix/wordfree.c (wordfree): ...and build this internal

Should have been s/wordfree/wordexp/g on the above line.

> 	linked list here, avoiding wasteful strdup calls in the process.

And sorry for all the noise on the wordexp subject, I'll try to shut up now.


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