[Patch] Add syscall.h to CR16 libgloss

Kaushik Phatak Kaushik.Phatak@kpitcummins.com
Wed Sep 5 22:38:00 GMT 2012

Thanks for looking into this.

> should add a comment to the top of the file explaining a little of the history.  
Agreed. I have added the following comments at the top;

+/* cr16 syscall.h file. This is used only by the simulator. These numbers
+   match the syscalls used by the sim port which are different from linux
+   system calls.
+   This will allow correct generation of sim/common/nltvals.def  */

Please find attached an updated patch with these changes.

Additionally, the CR16 GDB patch has been posted below and I am working on the 
review comments received so far,

2012-08-28 Kaushik Phatak  <kaushik.phatak@kpitcummins.com>
	* libgloss/cr16/sys/syscall.h New.

Thanks & Best Regards,
KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd

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