[patch, testsuite] test newlib.string/strcmp-1.c takes too long

Greta Yorsh Greta.Yorsh@arm.com
Wed May 2 16:31:00 GMT 2012

The test of strcmp in newlib.string testsuite can take too long to run on
simulators, resulting in timeout failures.

This patch creates a short version of the test, by reducing the length and
the number of strings to compare. This patch also adds a new macro LONG_TEST
to control whether a short or a more comprehensive test should be used.
LONG_TEST is not set by default. 



2012-05-01  Greta Yorsh<Greta.Yorsh@arm.com>

	* testsuite/newlib.string/strcmp-1.c (LONG_TEST): New macro.
	(MAX_BLOCK_SIZE): Use small value when LONG_TEST is not set.

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