Ping/Repost (Updated 20120127): RFA: Add Epiphany newlib & libgloss port

Jeff Johnston
Wed Mar 21 11:18:00 GMT 2012

>> Is newlib/libgloss now supposed to follow the GNU coding style?
>> I thought the general policy was to keep the coding style of each file as
>> chosen by the first author ... well, at least if they have used any,
>> and unless you do a complete rewrite.
>> I've looked throigh some in-source and web documentation, but there
>> doesn't seem to be any statement on that point.
> Jeff would have to answer.  imo, it should be:
>   - code written for newlib/libgloss should be GNU style
>   - code imported from other sources (with compatible license) does not need
> style changing

We haven't been enforcing coding style, other than suggesting keeping 
within the style of an existing file one is modifying.

Regarding new ports, the person submitting is usually the one who 
maintains the port.  For port-specific directories, if the submitter is 
happy with the style and maintains it properly, I have not been overly 
concerned in the past what it is.

For shared code that is written from scratch, it should probably be GNU 

-- Jeff J.

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