patch for x86_64 building

Mike Stump
Wed Feb 22 22:40:00 GMT 2012

So, I was trying to build newlib natively on linux, I know weird, but there it is...  and I noticed I needed the below patch to prevent the build from failing.  Someone decided to build the -m32 variant for a multilib, and compile the x86_64 code with -m32.  That just isn't ever going to work.  This patch avoids building the x86_64 assembly code in non-x86_64 multilib compiles.

2012-02-22  Mike Stump  <>

	* libc/machine/x86_64/memcpy.S: Don't build for -m32.
	* libc/machine/x86_64/setjmp.S: Likewise.
	* libc/machine/x86_64/memset.S: Likewise.

With this, I can build everything.
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