[PATCH, ARM/libgloss]fix compilation error in linux-crt0.c when '-ffunction-sections' is specified

Bin Cheng bin.cheng@arm.com
Mon Jan 16 06:52:00 GMT 2012

Currently libgloss/arm/linux-crt0.c uses adr to get the address of
_start_thumb function.
It breaks the compilation when '-ffunction-sections' is specified, of which
we want to 
take advantage to decrease code size in binary.

Here is a patch fix this issue. 
I have compiled newlib/libgloss for various processor with or without
successfully, Is it OK?


2012-01-16  Bin Cheng  <bin.cheng@arm.com>

	* arm/linux-crt0.c: Use ldr instead of adr to get address of
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