allow port specific nlink_t and ino_t types

Mike Stump
Thu Jan 12 19:37:00 GMT 2012

I'd like to allow a port to select what types to use for ino_t and for nlink_t:

Index: newlib/newlib/libc/include/sys/types.h
--- newlib/newlib/libc/include/sys/types.h	(revision 1988)
+++ newlib/newlib/libc/include/sys/types.h	(working copy)
@@ -130,7 +130,7 @@ typedef	char *	caddr_t;
     defined(__sparc__) || defined(__SPU__)
 typedef	unsigned long	ino_t;
-typedef	unsigned short	ino_t;
+typedef	__ino_t	ino_t;
 #endif /*__CYGWIN__*/
@@ -193,7 +193,7 @@ typedef unsigned int mode_t _ST_INT32;
 #endif /* ! __MS_types__ */
 #endif /*__CYGWIN__*/
-typedef unsigned short nlink_t;
+typedef __nlink_t nlink_t;
 /* We don't define fd_set and friends if we are compiling POSIX
    source, or if we have included (or may include as indicated

Could someone push this into the tree?

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