[PATCH ARM/THUMB] replace mov with movs in crt0.S

Richard Earnshaw rearnsha@arm.com
Thu Nov 24 15:31:00 GMT 2011

On 23/11/11 18:24, Thomas Klein wrote:

> The ARM7TDMI machine usually starting with a crt0 in ARM similar the one 
> in arm-elf-eabi/newlib.
> The Cortex-M3 machine starts with a THUMB2 crt0 similare the one in 
> arm-elf-eabi/thumb/thumb2/newlib
> When running a test thumb program in arm-sim the crt0 of 
> arm-elf-eabi/thumb/newlib is used.
> And at least with this I have had the problem.
> The simulator did not like the MOV lo, lo.
> Using MOVS lo, lo instead helps.

So can you send me the output of

readelf -A crt0.o

For the object file that you think is incorrectly built please.

> If this problem is been created by myself. Since usually no 
> THUMB/Interwork crt0 would be created
> and only a ARM or THUMB2 crt0 would exist.
> Then I have to say sorry for the trouble I made.

I'm not trying to suggest that, I'm just trying to understand what's
going on here.  It looks to me as though the permutation you're using
should be using legacy syntax and I don't, yet, understand why you are
seeing the problem you are reporting.


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