newlib.git: cvs-to-git mirror imminent

Roland McGrath
Fri Oct 14 18:26:00 GMT 2011

> When I run this,
>    cvs -d co newlib
> I get a newlib directory, but it contains none of the directories
> you list below.

When I run it, I get a directory called src:

	ChangeLog      COPYING3.LIB	 lt~obsolete.m4  move-if-change*
	compile*       COPYING.LIB	 ltoptions.m4	 newlib/
	config/        COPYING.LIBGLOSS  ltsugar.m4	 README
	config.guess*  COPYING.NEWLIB	 ltversion.m4	 README-maintainer-mode   CVS/		 MAINTAINERS
	config.rpath*  depcomp*		 Makefile.def	 src-release
	config.sub*    etc/	 symlink-tree*
	configure*     install-sh*	 Makefile.tpl	 texinfo/   libgloss/	 makefile.vms	 ylwrap*
	contrib/       libtool.m4	 missing*
	COPYING        ltgcc.m4		 mkdep*
	COPYING3	 mkinstalldirs*

That's what I'd expect from looking at
where it says:
	newlib          -a naked-newlib naked-libgloss naked-texinfo src-support

> The cvs-to-git mirroring configs for binutils and gdb
> use significantly different lists of excluded directory names,
> but I'll assume you want to exclude all directories under src/
> *except* the six you listed.

I think it should match what "cvs co newlib" does, as shown above.

> Since the above checkout command doesn't do what you seem to want,
> what command should I use to cvs-checkout all of the files you'd
> like to see in the git mirror?

Since it does do what I said it did, I'm not sure what else I can say.


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