newlib.git: cvs-to-git mirror imminent

Jim Meyering
Fri Oct 14 16:35:00 GMT 2011

Roland McGrath wrote:
> It was I who prodded Jim to set up this git mirror, as he has so helpfully
> done for many other sourceware repositories.
> Unfortunately, I think it needs to be redone.  The other git mirrors that
> are based on parts of the src/ CVS repository are done differently and work
> better than the current state of the new newlib.git repository.  The git
> repository's contents ought to look like what you get from "cvs co newlib".

Hi Roland,

When I run this,

    cvs -d co newlib

I get a newlib directory, but it contains none of the directories
you list below.

> That is, most (all?) of the top-level src/ files, plus:
> 	config/
> 	contrib/
> 	etc/
> 	libgloss/
> 	newlib/
> 	texinfo/
> Since the top-level files are listed explicitly under src-support in
> CVSROOT/modules, perhaps it's not really all of them.  But it's the
> same set that the binutils and gdb git mirrors are tracking, so it
> should be obvious enough what's right.

The cvs-to-git mirroring configs for binutils and gdb
use significantly different lists of excluded directory names,
but I'll assume you want to exclude all directories under src/
*except* the six you listed.

Since the above checkout command doesn't do what you seem to want,
what command should I use to cvs-checkout all of the files you'd
like to see in the git mirror?

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